The Asphalt Price for July 2014 is $583.75

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Maryland Asphalt Association is an association dedicated to the leadership, development, and advancement of quality Hot Mix Asphalt pavement construction today and tomorrow. The Association is committed to ensuring that Hot Mix Asphalt paving is the most cost-effective, high quality paving available to the motoring public and other present and potential customers.This Association is pro-actively working with regulatory agencies to represent the interests of the HMA industry in the writing and interpretation of state and federal regulations that affect how our members do business.

Open Letter from Secretary Foxx and 11 Former DOT Secretaries Urging Congress to Address Long-Term Transportation Needs


As Congress considers legislation to avoid a shortfall of the Highway Trust Fund, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and 11 of his predecessors offered the following open letter to Congress. In addition to Secretary Foxx, Secretaries Ray LaHood, Mary Peters, Norman Mineta, Rodney Slater, Federico Peña, Samuel Skinner, Andrew Card, James Burnley, Elizabeth Dole, William Coleman and Alan Boyd all signed the letter. Their message: Congress’ work doesn’t end with the bill under consideration. Transportation in America still needs a much larger, longer-term investment. MORE




The Conditions of America’s Roadways by Brian Dolan

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Roadways today are in the worst condition they have been since the 1940s. In our world of advanced technology how could this have happened? We know that more people are driving every day. This is true in America, but it is also true around the world. Latin America, Africa, China and India all are experiencing increased highway usage. Younger Americans typically have their own car or access to an extra family vehicle, and older Americans are living longer and driving more in their later years.   MORE




Maryland’s Deteriorating Highway Structure by Brian Dolan


We applaud Governor O’Malley and the Maryland legislature
for the funding package they designed and approved last year. It was
intended to adequately fund Maryland’s transportation infrastructure.
Unfortunately when we look at the condition of our highway system,
it is worse today than it was when I started to drive fifty years ago.  MORE



LaHood calls roads “one big pothole”

pothole-illustration-sizedPRINCETON, NJ. “America is a big mess” when it comes to transportation and infrastructure, according to former U.S. Sec. of Transportation Ray LaHood. “Our infrastructure is probably the worst it has ever been in the history of our country – American is one big pothole,” he told fleet and other trucking industry executives at the 2014 ALK Technology Summit.  MORE