Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc.

Address: Gulfport, MS

Justin Prillaman, Area Sales Manager
Mobile: 540-588-8543
Corporate: 800-866-3878

Blacklidge the creator of UtraTack®, the original trackless tack, is an innovative, high performance asphalt emulsions and additive materials company. We develop and produce premier eco-friendly asphalt products that are used for the construction, maintenance and repair of asphalt pavements. We serve state D.O.T.’s , Hotmix asphalt producers, paving contractors, counties and municipalities, delivering products made in America that improve performance and extend the life of roads.

The Blacklidge brand promise of Always the Better Road ensures our products always excel at performance and reliability.

Products include:

  • UltraTack® – The Original Trackless Tack
  • UltraFuse® – Hot Applied Strongest Trackless Monolithic Bond Coat
  • ReGenX® – Surface Asphalt Rejuvenator
  • ReGen® –  High performance Asphalt Binder Rejuvenator for RAP and RAS
  • ReCharge –  Heatless Additive for Activating aged Asphalt Binder in RAP