Who are we:

The Maryland Asphalt Association is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit association comprised of 18 producer members representing more than more than 50 production facilities, 21 contractor members, 23 consulting engineer firms and 37 other associate members. We proactively work with regulatory agencies to represent the interests of the asphalt industry both in the writing and interpretation of state and federal regulations that may affect our members. We also advocate for adequate state and federal funding for Maryland’s multimodal transportation system.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality asphalt pavements at low lifecycle costs by working with our customer base to assist in the design, production and placement of environmentally friendly asphalt products. Our focus is on the education and safety of all workers, customers and managers along with adequate highway funding.

History of SHA and MAA Partnering

During the 1990’s SHA and MAA entered into a Partnering agreement.  SHA members included the Chief Engineer, the Office of Materials and Research and the Office of Construction. David A. Bramble, Bryn Awel, P. Flanigan, Genstar, Maryland Paving and T.C. Simons were all charter members for MAA.

Our mutual mission was and still remains “provide high quality asphalt pavements at the lowest life cycle costs with contractors making a fair profit by working as a team to help SHA design, produce and construct asphalt pavements.”