The asphalt pavement industry provides a vital service to communities by helping to improve the efficiency and safety of America’s surface transportation system and delivering essential goods and services. The industry is facing an unstable future because of the COVID-19 pandemic-related reductions in federal and state transportation and other revenues that fund critical highway and bridge projects. In addition, the current surface transportation law expires on September 30, 2020, creating further uncertainty. 

As a Maryland asphalt industry leader, we are asking you to contact your congressional representatives and urge them to quickly vote on a surface transportation bill before September 30 deadline.

To prevent cuts in transportation investments and spur the nation’s economic recovery, we urge you to contact your members of Congress and urge them to:

  1. Pass a growth-oriented and turn-key extension of current surface transportation law for one year;
  2. Provide backstop federal funding to state departments of transportation (DOTs); and
  3. Ensure the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

Click here for further talking points.
Click here for TRIP State-by-State fact sheets (find Maryland’s here).
Click here for the MAA Federal Relief and Transportation Funding Tracking.

The process is easy; simply follow these steps:

  1. Click this link.
  2. (Optional) Copy and paste the following message into the “Message Body” field:
    As a member of the Maryland transportation industry, my job depends on you to include immediate funding for state departments of transportation (DOTs) in future COVID-19 relief legislation. Due to the pandemic’s negative impact on Maryland transportation revenues, Maryland DOT has canceled some projects and significantly reduced resurfacing projects to bare-minimum patching operations. The private industry has already started laying off employees and without immediate federal funding for the Maryland DOT, the threat of significant additional layoffs grows exponentially. According to Maryland Comptroller Franchot, “without a Federal relief program for the states we are going to really regret the consequences as far as Maryland goes because…we can’t just write a blank check to ourselves. We have to have a balanced budget.” Failure to approve a one-year extension with increased funding will only exacerbate this dire situation.

    My job is on the line. I need you to prevent cuts in transportation investments and spur the nation’s economic recovery before September 30 by passing and sending legislation to the President this month that includes:

    1. A turn-key, one-year extension of the current surface transportation law with increased investment levels;
    2. Federal funding for state departments of transportation; and
    3. Ensure the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund for the duration of the extension at a minimum.

    Thank you for your leadership in addressing these critical issues before September 30!
  3. Complete your information in the “Enter your Info” section.
  4. Click “Send Message.”

Thank you for your support!