Gardner Asphalt Supply

Address: Seaford, DE
Phone: 302-448-9195

Gardner Asphalt Supply, LLC was formed in September 2011. Its parent company Gardner-Gibson has been in existence for four decades producing a full line of roofing coatings, waterproofing coatings, pavement sealers, caulks, wall repair patching, and wall paper adhesives through 12 owned and operated manufacturing plants across the United States. The creation of Gardner Asphalt Supply was a natural fit for the company because of its asphalt based products. Gardner Asphalt Supply, LLC focuses on the supply and distribution of paving asphalts including cutbacks, water based emulsions, warm mix, ground tire rubber, and polymer modified asphalts.

Gardner Asphalt Corporation is focused on eco-friendly products that keeps both the environment and human safety in mind. We produce products that are formulated and manufactured to reduce the impact to the environment and to meet or exceed the toughest regulatory standards. We also supply and distribute paving asphalts including cutbacks, emulsions, warm mix, modified asphalts, and asphalt sealers.

25938 Nanticoke Rd.
Seaford, DE 19973