Asphalt Field Technician Certification On-line Training

  • Maryland Asphalt Field Technician Certification training is now available in an on-line format. Click on the button on the right for a course overview.
  • You will have 45 days to complete the on-line training. Upon completion you need to contact SHA’s training coordinator Lisa Alford at email or call her at 443-572-5040 to schedule a date to take the certification exam. It is recommended that the test be scheduled and taken while you still have time remaining to review the online materials if a retest is needed.
  • Course study materials will be mailed to the address submitted during registration.
  • Pay careful attention when registering to choose Member or Non-member. Incorrect registration will affect test scheduling!
  • If you need additional information please contact Meg Tran at or 410-761-2160