Due to COVID-19, the Asphalt Field Technician Exam will be postponed until further notice. 

For those technicians who have MARTCP cards that are expiring in 2020 and haven’t received their Final Audit within 2020, the MARTCP cards will remain valid until December 31, 2020.

For those technicians who are not currently certified as Asphalt Field Technicians, they will be allowed to work on MDOT SHA projects until new guidance is provided, however they must obtain their printed training certificate that is generated following the completion of the online training, and work under the direct supervision of a MARTCP-certified technician. This will ensure new technicians have at least the basic technical knowledge before starting work on a project.

If you have any question regarding certification, please contact Evan Howard, Division Chief, Materials Management Division at martcp@mdot.maryland.gov or 443-572-5020. For questions regarding training, please contact Meg Tran at mtran@mdasphalt.org.

Asphalt Field Technician Certification Online Training

  • Maryland Asphalt Field Technician Certification training is now available in an online format. Click on the button on the right for a course overview.
  • You will have 45 days to complete the online training. Upon completion you need to contact SHA’s training coordinator Evan Howard by email or call him at 443-572-5020 to schedule a date to take the certification exam. It is recommended that the test be scheduled and taken while you still have time remaining to review the online materials if a retest is needed.
  • Course study materials will be mailed to the address submitted during registration.
  • Pay careful attention when registering to choose Member or Non-member. Incorrect registration will affect test scheduling!
  • If you need additional information please contact Meg Tran at mtran@mdasphalt.org or 410-761-2160