Ensuring Drivability

As we judge our quality initiative efforts it may be helpful to examine the thoughts of our customers, Maryland highway users, in order to attempt to quantify our effectiveness.

Recent surveys seem to confirm my own observations that despite our efforts we still need to improve. Eighty percent of all highway users encounter an issue which warrants maintenance activities at least once per week. This encounter may be a roadway which needs its markings refreshed, its guardrail repaired, a pothole filled or a sign replaced after being damaged in an accident.

Other surveys have shown that the strongest indicator of highway user satisfaction is pavement smoothness. These same surveys suggest that repairs should be completed in off peak hours so that traffic is impacted minimally.

Regular highway maintenance such as restriping and repaving are a priority for fifty-seven percent of all highway users, and public safety is an important issue for fifty-five percent of those interviewed.

Everyone living in the Metropolitan areas of Maryland know that drivers believe that road construction, road maintenance and repairs should not be disruptive to their commute, family outing or recreational jaunt.

Customer satisfaction should always be our number two focus, just after safety. These surveys clearly show that no matter how good we believe we are, “There Is always room for improvement in our industry ”

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