Pavement Design Made Easy


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The PaveXpress Scoping Tool is a simplified pavement design tool to help engineers and pavement decision-makers analyze pavement structures and create technically sound structural designs. Some of the tool’s key features:

  • Accessible via web and mobile
  • Free, no cost to use
  • Based on AASHTO 93/98 pavement design equations
  • Always Up-toDate
  • Share, save, and print project designs
  • Interactive help and resource links

PAVEInstruct delves into the individual modules within PAVEXpress and teaches the appropriate design process and essential design information for both flexible and rigid pavements.  Each module is presented by an industry expert and offers the option of watching “lecturettes” —a few minutes on a specific topic — or longer webinars.

new versions

New modules for estimating material costs and conducting a layered elastic analysis of a pavement structure, as well as an improved user experience, particularly on smaller screens, such as smartphones. The majority of road projects managed by public works and road agencies today involve pavement maintenance and preservation; the new module makes it easy to design asphalt overlays that preserve a pavement’s structure while improving smoothness, safety, and drivability.

The latest version also includes a porous pavement module developed by Dr. Charles Schwartz, University of Maryland and Dr. Kevin Hall, University of Arkansas.  This engineering design for porous pavements can also be found in NAPA’s IS 140.

The PaveXpress Scoping Tool and PaveInstruct were developed by Pavia Systems, with generous sponsorship from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (, the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (, and a consortium of state asphalt pavement associations.


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